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I want to thank you and everyone in your practice for the outstanding quality of care and for being so considerate and professional. A mere "Thank You" seems so inadequate to express my true appreciation.

It was an unfortunate event that brought me to Frantal Dental Care. I had been with the same dentist for over 25 years. He had taken the approach of "letting nature take its course." This was the old school way of thinking that I should have challenged. I was pretty much resigned to the future with dentures. Sure enough, my lower crowns began to crumble, first on the right side, then on the left. That was when I consulted with Dr. Becker and learned about the All-On-Four procedure and your office for the final appliance. I had several concerns- I had never heard of this procedure, and it was expensive, and not without some pain and a lot of follow-up work. The first consultation I had with Dr. Frantal was very informational, professional, and hopeful- Yes, HOPEFUL! Not only could they provide the final appliance for the All-On-Four procedure, but he talked about what could be done to save my upper teeth. Again, I was anxious and concerned, but I just had to go for it!! In hindsight, I have made the right decision. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone in a similar position to consider their options and the available technology.

The Before and After photos tell the story. For me, the pictures show the progress from dismal to significant improvement. I can eat just about anything, and I smile with confidence.

I especially appreciate Dr. Terry and Linda for their patience and gentleness. They were my "dynamic duo" throughout this process. Thank you SO MUCH!!

**This patient would like to remain anonymous, but is willing to speak with anyone who is considering this procedure if they have questions or concerns.


I thank the staff very pleasant to work with they make you feel like family.and Dr. TERRY AND DR.Mike are very fast and as painless as I've ever had.i didn't like going to the dentist before now I look forward to getting my teeth taken care of.AlL I CAN SAY IF IT WASN'T FOR FRANTAL DENTISTRY I PROBABLY WOULD LOST A LOT OF MY TEETH.EXCELLENT RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!

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Howard A.

I have a dental phobia, I once went 5 years without seeing a dentist despite having excellent dental insurance. I met the Frantal Dental Team upon a dental emergency when I first moved to Kenosha and have been an extremely happy customer for 15 years. Both Dr. Terry and Dr. Mike are top notch dentists, always up to date with the best of the latest in dentistry which means seeing them for any procedure is as close to pain free as possible. The extra special thing about the Frantal Dental Care Team is the many personal touches they add to every visit because they really, truly do care. I'm greeted by name when I enter, they try and schedule me with the same hygienist so that they get to know me and my preferences and fears, (when I get a pain killer shot, Deb holds my hand or gently rubs my shoulder until it's over, I really appreciate that and it calms me). The staff has largely remained the same these last 15 years and they act like they are genuinely glad to see me, even when I'm the last patient at the end of the week. I have since moved 50 minutes away but I still come back to Frantal Dental Care because no matter what dental work I have done, big or small, I leave knowing I've had the best dental care and I leave feeling cared for. I still have dental phobia but it's in complete remission as long as I can go to Frantal Dental Care!

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Lucinda M.

Dr. Mike and the team at Frantal Dental is nothing short of amazing. They have been so patient with my dental anxiety, my stupid questions and my insurance questions. I recommend them ten million percent. My (young) daughter loves going there as well. Marsha has been patient with me slowly weaning myself off anxiety medication, even for a cleaning(!!) and is very gentle and explains everything as she does it. My daughter loves Llogan and wants to see her every time we go. Dr. Mike is also very ethical, and when I needed a tooth pulled he offered me options; he didn't just tell me the most expensive treatment. I cannot recommend them high enough and my teeth are the prettiest they have ever been. My bridge since being put in has been 100% pain free as well. Heather

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Heather W.

I have been going to Frantal Dental Care for a number of years. My old dentist recommended them. Marsha was with her and followed to Frantal Dental. I couldn't have gotten a better recomendation! My experience with Dr. Mike has been superior. He has helped with my TMJ issues such that my headaches are non occuring. He has explained all the options that are needed for my particular situations, along with prices, experiences from other patients, and what he would personally recomend. Extremely professional but on a personal level!!

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Pat R.

The office team and Dr. Mike are warm, considerate and always make me feel secure whe having any dental work done. I am a big fan of the sedation has made me a confident and comfortable patient. I love the fact they make me feel they are always glad to see me!

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Roberta C.

They are always friendly and meet my needs. I am scared of the dental procedures and they always work with me through sedation. They always make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I am always happy with the results.

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Patty W.

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